Research & Development

R & D is a high priority area at Setco Chemicals (I) Private Limited. It became the pioneer in successfully developing and marketing Printing Inks, Paints, Resins & Adhesives in India. Due to zeal and hard work, nearly full range of products were developed from time to time in each categories of our products range.

We have got a well qualified Professional Technical team, with constant quest for quality improvement as well as further development of the other products. The company is having full testing facilities with its In-house Laboratory. Every output product and raw material are being tested under strict guidelines and parameters as per the company's standard.

Driven by strong technological focus, Setco Chemicals is continuously striving for latest developments in this coating technology. It places a strong emphasis on its in-house research and developments, creating new opportunities by effectively harnessing indigenous creativity. The departments are headed by senior, highly qualified technical persons possessing considerable experience in their respective fields, supported by a modern instrumentation laboratory.

One of the research departments carries out research work on the development of resins and printing inks on a conceptual basis, relating to the functionality and molecular structure of the raw materials.

The Company has pioneered modern resin manufacturing technique which has a production capacity of 3200 Tons per annum with a view to provide an additional support for the various branches of Polymer technology and other diversification programmes planned to be undertaken in the near future.

The important activities of R & D are development of new products and applications, development of formulations using alternative raw materials and improvement in existing products to suit customer requirements.